Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CTC - Critical Time for any Crisis...

This post is intended to just give a brief idea of what CTC is. More details will be posted in coming days in this blog.

Crisis - This word may have lot of meaning within it. It may be an accident, natural calamities, riots, terror attacks, building collapse, etc. But whatever the crisis may be, the first few minutes are the very very important ones, that can alter the course of the extent of the damage caused by that crisis. And this time differs based on the type of crisis.

For example, the Critical time for any kind of accident is the first 3-4 minutes. One can even save a person's life , from certain death, when those critical time is not wasted and spent in the way it has to be spent. And the very recent example how that Critical Time was mishandled, can be attributed to the Mumbai Terror Attack. And the Military personnel say that the critical time for any terror threat/attack, is first 20-30 mins, within which the whole plan of the terrorists can be nullified. Unfortunately, this CTC was poorly handled, which lead to about 40hours of struggle.

What should we do in that CTC? What we should not do in that CTC? - As CTC depends the type of crisis, the answers for these questions also depends on the type of crisis. We'll try to give more details in this blog about these.

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